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A Japanese Spitz Dog Called ANNANN

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You know this lady is not ANNANN if you know ANNANN well.....
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the charming lady in this photo is BEAUTY.
BEAUTY and ANNANN were cousins 200 years ago. BEAUTY now lives with her human Petros Leptos in Athens, Greece.
Petros Leptos is a medicine student and he has some articles on dog diseases from his zoologie class that can be very informative and helpful to us dog people.
Petros has sent us his first article and we are expecting more articles from him. Here you go.....

---a special page for BEAUTY & Petros---

#1. Vaccination For Puppies:
#2. Giving Medication To Your Dog:
#3. Insect Bites:
#4. Dog Panic Attacks:
#5. About Training Your JS:

1. Vaccination For Puppies:
Petros Leptos (the master of The Japanese Spitz Website)

.....Vaccinations are necessary to protect your puppy from virulent diseases like rabies.
.....Vaccines are the superior preventive medicine: they take place before the dog is infected, in order to prevent it from catching the disease. Your dog will have to take the 5 disease vaccine by the eighth week of age. If for some reason it reacts badly, you should consult your vet.
.....From there on vaccination will be required by the 12th, 16th and 18th week of age, but some vets prefer to give some of these shots simultaneously. Then the vet will probably recommend one vaccination per year for preventive causes. At six months the rabies shot takes place, and it has to be reinforced every two years.
.....Again we remind that the vaccination timetable has to be discussed with the vet, as most doctors use their own variations according to their experience.

!!! Have your puppies taken any vaccine yet? If not, click HERE and read on...!!!

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2. Giving Medication To Your Dog:
Petros Leptos

.....Picture this process as giving medication to a little child. Some kids like the taste of medicine and some don't. But they all can't realise that it is good for them. That is why we must convince them that they have to take it, or trick them into taking it if necessary! And if that doesn't work... hell we can MAKE THEM take it (harharhar - evil laugh)!!!

Giving Your Dog Pills:
.....If the dog spits out the pill just hide it in a lump of dog food. if that doesn't work either, hold its jaws open and place the pill at the back of its tongue. And don't forget to pet it when it swallows, we don't want it to think we're torturing it, now do we?

Eye Medication:
.....You should be very, very careful when working around your dog's eye area. Just keep the eye-lids open and pour the medicine drops at a distance of about 2-2.5 cm from the eye. If you miss, and some drops fall out, wipe them so that the dog won't lick them and so they won't leave spots on the fur.

Ear Medication:
.....Just hold the tube parallel to the head and drop the medicine. Make sure to massage the bottom of the ear so you make sure the medicine will go down the ear tube. Again, wipe any drops that fall out.

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3. Insect Bites:
Petros Leptos
ROSTAM bee's stings
.....Insects will bite your dog on the nose (both from instinct and because that is the body part which the dog uses to charge them)!!
.....At first you will see that the dog is restless, licks its nose a lot and then begins scratching. at this point the nose should be getting quite swollen making your Japanese spitz look like a chow-chow!!
.....The trick is to quickly wash the dog's face with some cool water (that will ease the scratching) and try to find the sting in order to remove it. Then you must quickly use anti-allergic ointment on the sting area or give your dog a special pill (I suggest prezonol). If the dog shows any signs of allergic reaction or shock, you should take him to the vet as soon as possible.

P.S. Here our E-friends Stinger and his human Melissa provide us dog people another method to deal with insect bites:

Mix 10 ml of olive oil/jojoba oil/sweet almond oil, or any carrier oil with 5-8 drops of essential oils.

For itches and insect bites, the essential oils I use is mix of
Lavender, and

The helichrysum helps to heal wounds, lavender and chamomile calms and soothes the itchiness.
Apply directly on to troubled areas, taking caution in face areas, and avoiding eyes and nose.
Store in dark colored glass bottle away from heat and light.

For Stinger, this works almost instantly, so I always make up a batch to keep it handy. However, check with your vet, espcially if there are homeopathic remedies involved.

You can also use the same recipe and substitute different essential oils to make an insect repellent. It works quite well, it smells fresh like flowers and herbs, but the bugs just hate the smell!

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4. Dog Panic Attacks:
Petros Leptos

.....Ever wondered why dogs go into a berserk state as soon as they realise their human is going out of the house and not taking them with him? The answer is that, dogs in the wilderness live in pacts which never get separated. All members of the group follow the leader at all times. So when you're leaving the house, the dog thinks you're abandoning it, and as a result it enters a state of panic, barking and demolishing the house. The question is, what can you do about this - not so neighbour friendly - attitude.
.....The trick is - as in all training methods- to teach the dog not to go ballistic when it's being left alone, while it's still a puppy. You can begin by leaving it alone in a room for a couple of minutes while you are in the next room (it helps if you leave the puppies chew toys with it). Wait until the dog stops barking and after a while go into the room and reward it. The next time you do the exercise, leave the house for a while and then come back and reward the dog for being patient.
.....The trick is not to indulge to the barking and show up, even if you want to punish the dog. I assure you it prefers an angry human than no human at all! If you continue the process correctly, the puppy will soon let your departures go unnoticed.
.....BUT WATCH OUT: If the dog insists on barking than the trauma is much deeper and it either needs professional training or vet-prescribed medication.

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5. About Training Your JS:
Petros Leptos

.....I really think that training is actually "school for dogs". When a child goes to school it learns some basic principles to help it adjust to society. Likewise a dogs' training shouldn't supress its character, but help it develop a healthy behaviour. I really hate watching dogs perform lame stunts just to get a snack as reward. It deminishes them to mere play-toys. That's why I only taught Beauty the basics, such as "sit" and "come". I also think that training is a two way process. You don't only teach the dog, but you also learn to make your mind think in less complicated ways, or otherwise trust your instincts!

P.S. Wanna know how to train your dog? Please go to Dr. Beauty's Website

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