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A Japanese Spitz Dog Called ANNANN

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Dear Sir,

MAYBE you've already heard of it, maybe not. There are more than two million abandoned/stray dogs in Taiwan, yes, two million (2,000,000) and they are treated inhumanely.
MOST of the stray dogs were abandoned by their owners if the dogs were ill, old, or just because they were not as cute as they were puppies.

UNLUCKY stray dogs were captured by using a piece of wire which would strangle them to death or make them badly hurt. Once captured, the dogs would be put to death in one week if not adopted.
SOME places dip an iron cage full of frightened dogs into a water sink to drown them. Some places electrocute stray dogs till their tummies blast and their guts flow out.....

ALL I am saying is give the two million stray dogs in Taiwan a chance. You can help stray dogs in Taiwan. Tell your family and friends about this. Let the world know what's happening to stray dogs in Taiwan. I believe international public criticism can urge the government and the Taiwanese people to treat stray dogs more humanely.

P.S. There's one more thing:
People in Taiwan, please don't eat dog meat anymore!!!

2005.02.20 Taiwan

by Carolyn (A Canadian In Taiwan)

There is a growing problem with stray dogs in Taiwan. These dogs are certainly not the problem, but those unloving and cruel people who abandon these poor creatures when they are no longer cute puppies, or are too much trouble for them to handle and feed anymore.

The government needs to look at Taiwan's problem in a proactive sense, not a retroactive sense. How do we prevent all these poor dogs from being homeless, unloved and at risk of dying on the streets? Through educating the public, and sponsoring no-kill shelters.

My husband and I, since moving to Taiwan from Canada almost six years ago, have saved one stray dog from a wire chokehold and three stray cats. They have given us soooo much love in return for their lives. God blessed us the hearts to care for animals and to take mercy on those who are at a great disadvantage. Everyday we go around the town we live in and feed as many strays (dogs and cats) as we can find. We know that these animals will have a full belly and at least a few hours of content and rest from not having to search for food.

I ask that all those reading this take a moment to contemplate the necessity of helping this problem of strays in Taiwan. Each one of you sees stray dogs/cats on a daily basis. Feed them. Talk nice to them. Appeal to your government to come up with uncruel and humane ways to deal with this problem. Open your heart and your home to a little one today. We all need love --

2004 Taiwan
How Does A Public Shelter In Taiwan Put Homeless Dogs To "SLEEP"!!!
A person who works at a public shelter video-taped how the vets "put dogs to sleep":
They brutally dragged every dog out of the cage with wire around its neck, kicking it like dirt, then injected anesthetic directly into its heart, if they missed its heart for the dog would keep dodging the needle and syringe, they stabbed the dog again and again till the dog shitted out of fear and died from suffocation painfully!
(watch the massacre video)

The Dogs' Home Battersea

We watched a National Geographic Channel TV program about stray dogs. In UK, there's a stray dogs' shelter since 1860 called "The Dogs' Home Battersea" that "at Battersea Dogs Home no dog or cat suitable for rehoming is ever put to sleep... However long it takes."

In Taiwan, we got several stray dogs and cats' shelters that are finding new homes for them and won't put any of them to sleep too. However, comparing with The Dogs' Home Battersea in UK, there is room for improvement for shelters here in Taiwan. We recommend that all dog and cat people visit The Dogs' Home Battersea to learn what we humans can do to help rehoming stray dogs and cats without limit.

P.S. You should know "The Dogs' Home Battersea" if you also like watching ANIMAL PLANET, Discovery Channel and BBC :)

The Dogs' Home Battersea

Do you know the fact that there are more than two million (2,000,000) stray dogs in Taiwan, while Taiwan has only an area 16 times smaller than France?

...If you would like to know what's happening to stray dogs in Taiwan;

....If you would like to help saving stray dogs in Taiwan;

.....If you would like to adopt stray dogs in Taiwan;

Please go to our "Save Stray Dogs In Taiwan" webpage:

Save Stray Dogs In Taiwan

And please also visit these K9 websites around the world:

Help Abandoned Dogs Around The World


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