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A Japanese Spitz Dog Called ANNANN

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I loved ANNANN and I could feel ANNANN loved me too but, what was I to her?
For example, I fed ANNANN to make her happy; on the other hand, she ate what I fed her to make ME happy.
So who's whose pet actually?


(1). To me, ANNANN was... Image of DogPant
.....more than a "human", believe me, ANNANN's eyes talked even better than a human mouth, my dad said she's more like a human child;
.....more than a closest friend, ANNANN wouldn't tell anybody else what I told her; little sister, because ANNANN needed to be looked after carefully;
.....a hand/foot/tummy warmer, ANNANN's coat was always soft and warm;
.....a doorbell (I guess most dogs are doorbells);
.....a fearless warrior fighting against disease, ANNANN never quit eating or playing even when she's very ill;
.....a self-taught-house-trained individual.

(2). To ANNANN, I thought I was... Image of EyesCaffiene
.....less than an "owner", I hated to say this but ANNANN was only afraid of my dad;
.....more like a servant, I waited on ANNANN hand and foot because she only got paws, no hands;
.....just a kid who needed to be loved. Whenever I was sad or got upset, ANNANN would come to me and licked me and did whatever she could to comfort me;
.....her "pet", because I did my best to please ANNANN;
.....her 24hr security guard, because ANNANN couldn't even cross an intersection by herself (many abandoned/stray dogs in Taiwan can. Who said dogs were color blind?);
.....her personal chauffeur. To ANNANN, to hop in my car means 'to go out and play' or 'to go to the vet'.


Do you know the fact that there are more than two million (2,000,000) stray dogs in Taiwan, while Taiwan has only an area 16 times smaller than France?

...If you would like to know what's happening to stray dogs in Taiwan;

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.....If you would like to adopt stray dogs in Taiwan;

Please go to our "Save Stray Dogs In Taiwan" webpage:

Save Stray Dogs In Taiwan

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P.S. Turn on your speakers if you love music as much as ANNANN.
This song is "MAPLE LEAF RAG".


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