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A Japanese Spitz Dog Called ANNANN

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Help Abandoned Dogs
Around The World

You've probably heard and read about Ginny, the dog who rescues cats. If you'd like to learn more about what Ginny and her human Philip Gonzalez and their human friends have been doing, please go to (in USA):
Ginny - The Dog Who Rescues Cats

Do you know what we can do to help rehoming stray dogs and cats without limit and without having them "put to sleep"? Please visit this website (in UK):
The Dogs' Home Battersea

Wanna know what's happened to abandoned pets in Spain? Be prepared when you see the photos... This K9 website is in English, German and Spanish:
The Canine Situation In Spain

"FUNDACION ALTARRIBA, AMIGOS DE LOS ANIMALES" is trying to help spanish greyhounds and other animals in Spain. This site is in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Catala:

"The BrightEyes Society". One more canine website concerning the critical situation of dogs and other animals in Spain. This site is in English:
The BrightEyes Society

Koirapakolaiset ry., "The Dog Refugees". Finnish people helping dog shelters in Estonia and Russia:
Koirapakolaiset ry. - the Dog Refugees