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Susie and I became E-mail pals since last Spring in 2003.

We never met,
we didn't know much about each other,
yet our hearts communicated through our feelings for animals.

Although Susie passed away this Summer in 2004,
our friendship continues through her husband Bobby.

She's gone but never forgotten.


It all began with an E-mail.
Susie wrote, "Do you know that American Eskimo and Japanese Spitz are the same breed with different names?"
I replied "No, I don't think that..."
This debate went on and on.
Take a look at Susie's Apache and our ANNANN, I admit I cannot tell the difference between an AE and a JS.

One thing is for sure: Both this AE and this JS got silly humans.

Last Summer I told Susie that we Taiwanese people were fighting SARS alone because of health apartheid.
She tried to help by calling her congressman.

Even though Susie was on medication, she never lost her humor.
This April I received another E-mail:
" ...I got hit by a new virus about 2 weeks ago, it is called the CFT virus which stands for Chen from Taiwan lol. What ever you sent me made my email go crazy and it got stuck by the time I got through I had 346 emails of the same thing lol. You have to send it again but break it up into a couple of emails. Talk later Susie"

I e-mailed her telling her how sorry I was.
However, I tested and checked my computer several times. Nothing's wrong with it.
This "virus" incident raised a fuss about nothing.
Then I realized it was just a joke.
In her next E-mail, Susie used this and this ...
Got me.

Susie passed away in her sleep this Summer.
Bobby made a picture "Gone But Never Forgotten" in memory of Susie with all the animals she loved.

We miss you, Susie.

Autumn, 2004

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