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A Japanese Spitz Dog Called ANNANN

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On March 3rd 2003, Ruby from Malaysia sent us a very long E-Mail.
Her story about the death of her beloved JS pup named BABY is sad, yet a WARNING to those who truly love their pups but do not know the importance of vaccination.
Here is the E-Mail, I post it here without altering any word.


----- Original Message -----
From: RuBy YeO
Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2003 2:38 AM
Subject: Miss my dog so much!

Hello there, I just want to share my story with you and hope you can let all your friends and other people in the world know that how important vaccination are!!!

I am Ruby from Malaysia and I have a Japanese Spitz too! My boyfriend gave it to me. He got it from his bestfriend! We went together to choose the puppies and one attracted my eyes because it was so playful and not shy! We took him to my house and we called him BABY! He's was 4 months old and he was so handsome, so proud and spoilt!! Really, he likes people patting him a lot! He have such beautiful black eyes that he would make my heart melt when he requested for something!

But anyway, it wasn't my first time me having dogs at home! But it was my first time me having a Japanese Spitz. Few years back, my friend found a stray puppy dog in the middle of the road so he stopped and pick him up and gave it to me. And she died 5 months ago due to a kidney failure. I didn't know how dangerous it was when the dog which died shitted out some mix shit with blood! She never been vaccinate as I know nothing about vaccination and we never heard of the word vaccinations here! We thought that after 6 months or so, then they will get some sort of injections as last time all my dogs are healthy and never been vaccinate before!

And yes, BABY been infected and I didn't realise it until about 1 week ago! He didn't have appetite at all and he looked skinny! So we thought me might have got bored of the food so we buy different type off food but he just wouldn't eat! But he was very active and he still play fetch with me! We thought he had worms so was thinking of bringing him to deworm. But on the 23rd afternoon, he looked so weak ! So me and my boyfriend rushed him to the vet but the vet here closed on Sunday afternoon!

There were only 2 vets here! One closed and the other, the doc was in another country! As you see, I live in Miri, which is just next to Brunei. It takes about 3-5 hours to drive down from Brunei to Miri! And the doc was in Brunei! I got so worried so tried calling him. We told him BABY's situation and he said BABY was in a dangerous stage!! The doc said he would be back to Miri about 10 pm and he said meet at his Vet Shop. At the vet shop, the doc checked his temperature and BABY had fever and he had blood in his shit which was not a good sign! My whole body started to shiver and I was about to cry! The doc gave 3 injections and some pills! He said that in these 3 days time, if he doesn't have blood in his shit, then he would be okay!

1st day, BABY was okay. He did shit but no blood! So had another 3 injections! BABY couldn't stand, or eat or drink! If he does, he kept vomiting till he has no energy!! He vomited his medicines out too which was really hard for us!! My boyfriend, his best friend and me kept checking on him to make sure he was fine! And he was!

2nd day, he shooted shit out which also has blood mixed together in it! But one thing, was looked better than 1st day as he breathed slower and he was more alert ! Worried and scared, we called up the doc and he asked for another injections! I hate the 3rd injection so much because it make BABY in lots of pain! The doc injected the 3rd one near his leg. And he said that the injection will make his have headache, pain at his leg and trembling for 3 days!! I couldn't believe it!! I hate to see BABY in pain!! And the doc gave me wrong hope that he said that if BABY survive the whole day on the 2nd day, then he would be fine forever!!!

So we waited and waited till 12 am and cried out in joy as he was okay!! He was still alert!! But weak! But around 3 something in the morning, he shitted with blood too! What came worse? It was fresh blood and it stinks badly!! My heart pounded hard, lots of questions need to be answered………. What had happen? We were all shock!! As the doc said, once it has fresh blood in his shit, then in 24 hours time, he would die! I couldn't believe it!! Tears started rolling down!!

We clean him up and took care of him again! And again, what came worse? My High School results were out on the 3rd day!! I didn't care at all! BABY was much more important then it!! I quickly went to get my results but then a call from home telling me that BABY shitted again about almost 11am. We rushed home again. This time, I almost collapsed! I didn't have enough sleep at and my eyes were swollen from crying a lot . My legs were weak, my eyes were heavy. My boyfriend persuaded me to take a rest as he promised to wake me up if anything happens!! I rested till in the evening but woke up a few times to check on him. BABY was okay, he breathed slow but his eyes were like half open but when he saw me, he open his eyes then slowly to half again!

Then finally I've got back my energy about 7 something. Me and my boyfriend sit beside him, patted him and fed him water. We were shock when water didn't went in, but out instead. He stood up and started to puke, he collapse onto the floor, my bf picked him up, he was puking in pain, lack of energy until his legs were straighten out! Then he died with his beautiful eyes wide open! He fulfilled what I said because I told BABY earlier that I want to see his big, black beautiful eyes again before he died. And he did! He showed it to me! I cried! My heart in pain! I couldn't accept the fact that he's now dead! He was only 4 months plus old!! We had so much fun and laughter together!

When I see BABY's brother ( another Japanese Spitz, born together with him…. Living with another friend of mine..) I couldn't hold my tears…. So please let everyone know how important vaccination are!! The doctors here says that it was very common for him to see puppies coming in everyday into his shop with illness like that! That is because nobody knows about it! So please, since you have a website and have lots of other friends, please ask them to spread this news!! Your website really reminds me of BABY!!! I will try to scan his picture and send you a copy!! I don't know when as I don't have a scanner. And I only have little as I didn't expect him to leave me early! I regret a lot!!! Anyway, Thanks a lot for reading this mail!!!!!

Please help emailing this story to other dog people who do not know the importance of vaccination for puppies. Thank you!!!





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