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We are a happy family. Still, we cry because of anger or sadness from time to time. It happened when ANNANN saw us cry for the very first time......
I don't remember what made my sister Celine cry like a baby. She cried and she cried and suddenly, ANNANN walked gently up to her, licking her face and hands, then laying herself down right beside Celine until Celine stopped crying. Months later, it was I who cried and ANNANN did exactly the same thing to me. You may think we were stupid, but we really didn't know that dogs would comfort their human when they saw their human cry. We thought to ourselves, "Isn't it fun!?" Since then, we pretended crying to trick ANNANN and she bought our silly stories 3, 4 times. Then one day, ANNANN stopped comforting us ever again, no matter we were tricking her or crying for real. She just fixed her big bright eyes on us from a distance and she did nothing else. Probably she was thinking to herself, "CRYING WOLF TOO OFTEN, you stupid human....." ANNANN taught us a lesson and it serves us right !!!

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