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Image of Lassie
ANNANN's favorite bird LASSIE is a cute Paddy bird, in stead of a Rough Collie. How did LASSIE come to my family was a miracle. One night year ago, my mom just came out of the bathroom, a Paddy bird flew in through an open window. This little creature perched on my mom's shoulder and would't leave. We named this cute Paddy bird "LASSIE".
LASSIE likes to tease ANNANN and ANNANN wants to pluck LASSIE badly. I guess they both consider my dad the "King" and themselves the "Queen" of the house. And that means if we get them two together, either side will kick off a war. All we can do is seperate them. Oh, ANNANN never gets to pluck LASSIE so don't worry about her.

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