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If you've already visited ANNANN's photo album, have you noticed that ANNANN hardly wears a collar at all? Because she hasn't worn that thing for a very long time. Years ago, everytime we took ANNANN out, she always got so excited that she dragged my sister Celine or me all the way. Moreover, ANNANN liked to go the opposite way. If we went east, she went west. If we pulled the leash, she got choked. Just like we were playing a tug of war. In the end, both sides were losers because ANNANN choked badly, and we could only follow wherever she went to prevent her from being choked.
What could we do to help ANNANN stop being choked by her own collar and leash? At that time, shoulder belts were difficult to find in Taiwan. So we handmade one for ANNANN. Since then, ANNANN never wore her collar again. She never got choked by that thing, either. In fact, now she wears nothing at all when she is at home or going on a picnic. ANNANN wears her personalized shoulder belt and leash only when we walk on the street where cars are here and there. So no more tug of war.

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