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Image of Mulan


NAME: Kacey

PETS' NAMES: Mulan (female), Michca (female), Torii (female)

EMAIL: Carol & Kacey Yates


DESCRIPTION: My site is dedicated to my Japanese Spitz - Mulan, Michca and Torii. They are companion dogs but that doesn't mean they don't know how to have fun.Yet they are the most beautiful breed. We are a new kennel in the making!

Note: We found Kacey's site while we were looking for Japanese Spitz sites. If you don't think our ANNANN is beautiful enough, visit Kacey's site and see how beautiful Japanese Spitz dogs can be!!!

Image of Beauty


NAME: Petros Leptos

PETS' NAMES: Beauty (female)

EMAIL: Petros Leptos

URL:The Japanese Spitz Website new
Petros has launched the "preview" version of Dr. BEAUTY's site! Go there, tell Petros how you like it :)

DESCRIPTION: Beauty is a gorgeous 1.5 years old Japanese Spitz. Just look at her! Even ANNANN has to admit that Beauty's eyes are much bigger and brighter than ANNANN's!! Beauty's human Petros Leptos is a medicine student living in Athens, Greece. He is always eager to meet new dog lovers! If you'd like to know more about Beauty and Petros, send them an email!!

***Petros Needs Your Help:
Please take a close look at Beauty's photo. Have you noticed that the area underneath Beauty's eyes has turned red-ish due to substances contained in teardrops (or so the vet said anyway)? It bothers Petros alot and he needs your help. If you know what to with this problem, please be kind enough to e-mail Petros. Thank you!

Note: Petros is the writer of all articles in the "DR. BEAUTY SEZ" webpage.

Image of Urko and Adela


NAME: Adela, Israel Olalla


EMAIL: Israel Olalla

URL:Urko's humans are working on it...

DESCRIPTION: We met Urko in street about one year ago... we didn't imagine Urko was a "Japanese Spitz" but after visiting ANNANN home page... 3we became sure that this little "monster" is a JS...

Note: URKO's humans would like to meet people with Spitzs in Madrid or in Madrid Area. If you'd like to meet Urko and Urko's humans, you can drop them an email!

Image of Yeza


NAME: Pati



URL:El rincón de Yeza

DESCRIPTION: This website "El rincón de Yeza" is both in Spanish and English. Yes, SPANISH and English. Welcome in if you can read Spanish or English or both or neither. But who needs human languages anyway? Photos talk much better than words! If you like JS photos, this site is what you are looking for! Oh, their website is more like a JS gallery! Don't miss it :)

Note: This great website is more like a gallery!

Dogs' Home In Battersea


NAME: The Dogs' Home In Battersea (in UK)

PETS' NAMES: Tyson, Tyler, Tia, Shana, Jazz, Jesky, Tyloe, Lester, Kiki, Sherry... etc-etc-etc.


URL:The Dogs' Home Battersea

DESCRIPTION: Since 1860, people at "The Dogs' Home Battersea" have been doing their best to re-home stray dogs and cats. (Quote)"At Battersea Dogs Home no dog or cat suitable for rehoming is ever put to sleep... However long it takes."

Note: We found "The Dogs' Home Battersea" after watching a TV program about stray dogs at the National Geographic Channel. People at The Dogs' Home Battersea show us humans what we can do to help rehoming stray dogs and cats without limit.

The Canine Situation In Spain

FORCE #14 new

NAME: Mo and Carlos

PETS' NAMES:Clinton, Tuffa, Pody, Noodle, Pixel (cat), Clyde (rabbit), etc.


URL:The Canine Situation In Spain

DESCRIPTION: Wanna know what's happened to abandoned pets in Spain? Be prepared when you see the photos... This K9 website is in English, German and Spanish.

Note: Mo and Carlos fell in love chating in the internet and got married the 30.October 99! Their pets have all been abandoned, now they are happy family members.

It's ANNANN's honor if you link her website to yours! Here's ANNANN's banner & HTML fragment:

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(Of course you still can add ANNANN's URL to your links WITHOUT pasting her banner onto your links page.)

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Do you know the fact that there are more than two million (2,000,000) stray dogs in Taiwan, while Taiwan has only an area 16 times smaller than France?

...If you would like to know what's happening to stray dogs in Taiwan;

....If you would like to help saving stray dogs in Taiwan;

.....If you would like to adopt stray dogs in Taiwan;

Please go to our "Save Stray Dogs In Taiwan" webpage:

Save Stray Dogs In Taiwan

Image of PianoPlayer
P.S. Turn on your speakers if you love music as much as ANNANN does, and if this noisy midi song doesn't bother you.....
This song is "VEDI! LE FOSCHE" from Il Trovatore.


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